• Pineapple has a vital enzyme called, Bromelain that breaks down and metabolize protein in the body.
    •  Affect #1:  As a result, it boost your metabolic rate > improves your digestions > an improved digestion and increase metabolic rate is a prerequisite to losing weight. REASON: When your body is able to absorb vital nutrients from foods more efficiently and quickly, as well as eliminate waste and excess nutrients more efficiently and quickly, you end up having less stored fat in the body and burn away excess fat quicker.
  • Hydrating & makes you feel full:
    • Lemon is 89% water.  Staying hydrated is crucial for cellular functions. It reduces water retention, which causes symptoms like bloating and weight gain.
    • Staying hydrated creates a “full” feeling, which decreases hunger, thereby causing you to eat less. This is why it is often recommended to drink a glass of water before a meal.

  • Detox and Cleanse your body:
    • A good detox is crucial to losing weight. Detoxing gets rid of harmful chemicals and toxins that are inside the body and in the skin. The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties and fibers within lemon are the key ingredients that will help the body to detox and clean out those impurities which will set off a catalyst reaction in the body , like a domino affect which will lead to your body being able to burn more calories quickly,.

  • Improves Digestions: Detoxification leads to improved digestion and better gut health: Detoxing the body also involves the digestive track as well. So when detoxing, your body will get rid of those impurities through either waste, sweat, or urine. One effect of a successful detox is that you can experience going to the bathroom more frequently as your body gets rid of waste and excess waste that has built up and stayed in your intestine over time. This of course results in you shedding extra pounds and fat around the belly and waist area.  

  • Curbs Craving: It is no secret that having strong cravings is one of the main factors that can lead to weight gain. When you have high cravings for food you will end up eating more and will likely to eat unhealthy foods, which will result in increased weight gain. One thing that contributes to us having high food cravings is sugar. High intake of sugar can lead to blood sugar imbalance. When your blood sugar level spikes up, your body releases insulin to lower it to a safer level. However, if the insulin brings your blood sugar level a bit too low, your body will start to crave foods that will raise the blood sugar level. Unfortunately, we most often we tend to choose unhealthy foods option (with high sugar contents) when we have cravings, which causes us to gain weight and increase our blood sugar level to an unsafe level. To combat this cycle, you want have a more balanced diet where you choose fresh fruits over fast food; and drink more natural fresh juices over processed juices with artificial sweeteners and high sugar levels. As a non-sweet citrus and highly acidic vegetable lemons will help balance blood sugar levels when consumed by decreasing your cravings for sugar and sweet foods. In addition, the fiber, pectin within lemons will help you to feel full and fuller longer.
Celery and Cucumber:
  • Helps with body Detoxification
  • Curbs Cravings:
  • Hydrating & makes you feel full:
    • Celery and Cucumber are 95% water. Staying hydrated is crucial for cellular functions. It reduces water retention, which causes symptoms like bloating puffiness and weight gain. Staying hydrated also makes you feel full which decreases hunger, thereby causing you to eat less.
Cayenne Pepper:
  • Helps increase the amount of heat your body produces
    • This results in you burning more calories per day.
  • Boost your metabolism and reduce hunger:
    • The capsaicin in Cayenne pepper increase your metabolic rate as it helps your body to digest foods better. It also decreases hunger.  
Nutritional & Weightloss Benefits 
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